Goodbye Hamish


Back in August, the three person team of MoJo Velo became two.

Somewhere close to Lusaka city centre, we lost Hamish.

One minute he was there, the next he wasn’t.

We haven’t seen him since.

The team of 3, before it became the team of 2


Not since that emotional embrace at Lusaka International Airport, at least. All the more emotional because on the way there, Hamish’s bike, sticking out the boot of our taxi annoyed some passing policemen, who confiscated the taxi driver’s licence and demanded a bribe. We’ve not paid a bribe on this trip, but with Hamish’s flight departure time rapidly approaching, we did the unthinkable.

Hamish was the youngest of the trio – a fresh faced 19 year old. We always knew he would leave the trip early, to take his place studying Economics and Geography at the University of Glasgow. Still, we miss his silly ways. We miss his toilet humour, and his ability to recall song lyrics, film and series one-liners with staggering accuracy (our regular entertainment being trying to guess the song from one person’s rendition of lyrics in deadpan, monotone). He made a fantastic contribution to MoJo Velo – throwing himself into a challenging expedition with two relative codgers, one of whom he had only just met. He also served as our Apple tech whiz, and made us all laugh along the way. We also miss his social media pull – the darling of our social media channels, invariably more than half of the interactions on any post would come from Hamish’s network. Rather than putting this down to his good looks and effable charm, we think it’s actually because his generation are hopelessly addicted to social media and this portends the end of human civilisation as we know it. We don’t particularly miss his flatulence, or his rather more tempestuous teenage-hormone charged mood variations, but hey, you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth.

We must admit that we thought Hamish would write his own goodbye blog to you all. You must feel quite put out that, having graced your computer screens for so many months, he hasn’t said goodbye to you all, even though he disappeared over two months ago. He did send us an email entitled “The Leaving Blog”, the highlight of which was this line: “I just don’t feel that I am doing justice to the profundity of the transformation I have undergone.”

So to celebrate Hamish’s contribution to MoJo Velo, we thought we’d share a selection of photos of him pulling silly faces. When we looked through all the photos we had of him, it seems pulling silly faces was Hamish’s speciality.

Enjoy 🙂

Steven and Russell



2 comments on “Goodbye Hamish

  1. The real reason Hamish left was so that he could get to Cappielow last Tueday to watch Morton destroy St Mirren.

  2. We love having him back, despite the flatulence! Ma Fi xx

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