We made it! But MoJo Velo is not over yet

We made it!

Our grueling and uplifting 8-month journey has reached its endpoint in Nairobi. We are filled with renewed hope for our collective future and more motivated than ever to fight for a just and sustainable world.

Stay tuned, #mojovelo is not over yet. With 7 more films in the pipeline, we’ll continue to share stories of unsung African environmental heroes into the New Year.

For now though, a quick beer before we climb Mt. Kenya.

As Russell’s father says: “Life is either a great adventure, or nothing at all.”

One comment on “We made it! But MoJo Velo is not over yet

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I trust you indulged in a few beers to celebrate your wonderful achievement!!
    I look forward to further instalments in the future.

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