Farewell for now :)

Hello there friends.

It’s been 110 days since we cycled our last kilometre into the busy streets of Nairobi. It’s time for us to wish you a heartfelt thank you and farewell – for your encouraging support and interest in our crazy idea.

We had an amazing experience – meeting inspiring people committed to building a better world. We hope you derived some inspiration from it too – maybe to start that project you always dreamed of, or to support your friend realise a big idea, or simply to learn more about sustainability in Africa. If lots of us do that, then we stand to make a real difference. 

For now, we are moving on to pastures new – Hamish Galt is having a blast at Glasgow University, Russell Galt is starting a new chapter in Nairobi, Kenya, and steven bland is finding his feet in the bustling metropolis of Accra, Ghana. We hope to write some more about our experiences and the promise of the projects and people we met, but for now at least, there’ll be no more videos from us. Why not head over to our Youtube channel and tell us which your favourite video was? 

MoJo Velo, over and out.
Steven, Russell, Hamish


2 comments on “Farewell for now :)

  1. Bye for now guys…we have seen the films , looking forward to the Book , oh … and the musical …how about ‘Three Guys Named MoJo’.
    Seriously we loved your journey
    I hope the enthusiasm and inspiration you brought with you into heathrow airport in December stays with you…dont forget that…

    • Thanks Mike! Thanks for the reminder of our enthusiasm – something to cherish for sure as we go on into the world without our bicycles (for now at least 🙂

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