Steven Bland Website photo (1)STEVEN BLAND //
Steven is a trail runner, a cyclist and mostly vegetarian.
He likes bicycles, natural wonders and fruit crumbles.
He dislikes cars, peanuts and coal.
Steven studied Geography at Cambridge University, and has spent the last 5 years working for ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, in Germany and South Africa.
To learn much more serious formal stuff, visit his LinkedIn Profile here.
You can also catch him on twitter @stevenbland21 //


Hamish Website photoHAMISH GALT //
Hamish plays hockey, quotes films and regularly eats himself into food comas.
He likes dogs, porridge and a new pair of socks.
He dislikes replacing inner tubes, feeling hungry and being too hot.
Hamish left school in June 2015 and has a place to study economics and geography at Glasgow University beginning September 2016.
Find him on instagram – hamish_galt //



thumb_Governor of Lagos_1024RUSSELL GALT //
Russell Galt is a bagpiper, ecologist and amateur historian.
He loves wild camping under giant African skies, belting out Scottish folk songs, and annihilating Belgian waffles.
He begrudges unglazed ceramic, frayed acrylic, and velvet.
Russell holds academic degrees in science and law. For over 8 years , he has rendered environmental sustainability services to governments, non-profits and the private sector. Before MoJo Velo, Russell worked at the majestic Kirstenbosch National Botanic Garden in Cape Town. //